Sunday, February 25, 2018

Capital City Marathon, Track Season and more!

Don't let the snow distract you: spring is here! Good luck to all NTHS athletes this season! Here are a few key XC-specific reminders as we look forward to warmer (?), longer days:
  • The Capital City Marathon is coming up! We only have two water stop days coming up before the race--get these on your calendar:
    • April 21st: NTHS CCM Training Water Stop Support #1
    • May 5th: NTHS CCM Training Water Stop Support #2 (these will both be long run days, so we might work out shifts--captains will be in contact)
    • May 20th: Capital City Marathon Race Day! NTHS XC will support at Mile 22 again--we'll see you all there!
  • Stay tuned for info re: our spring (pre-summer) XC team meeting. It will take place shortly after the 2018 Track and Field season is completed. Go Rams!