Sunday, August 19, 2018

Update! First Week FAQs and information

Here's what you need to know and have to be ready for our first practice on August 20th:

What if the air quality is poor due to wildfire smoke?
  • Your coaches and district officials will be monitoring air quality very closely. Poor conditions Monday-Wednesday might mean changes in practice location and/time. Regardless of conditions, our first practice/meeting time and location will not change: 8:00 AM Monday in the visitors' stands at South Sound Stadium (see parking/drop-off information below). Beyond that, our activities and location(s) will depend on atmospheric conditions. For updates, please monitor text messages via our team Remind group. To join, just text @nthsxc to 81010.
Where do we meet for the first practice?
  • Location: Meet in the visitors' stands at South Sound Stadium at 8:00 AM. Plan on practice lasting until 11:00 AM on the first day. PLEASE BE SURE TO PARK/PICK-UP/DROP-OFF IN THE CHINOOK PARKING LOT.
When and where should I turn in all my paperwork and fees?
  • Make sure you are cleared with the ASB/Athletics Office no later than Friday the 18th to be ready for morning practice on the 20th. You will not be able to train with the team until all documents and fees are turned in and verified by Ms. Enlow.
What if I can't get my paperwork in by Friday the 18th?
  • Plan on attending the first practice (see above). It will be an important first meeting. You will not be able to run with the team until you are cleared by Ms. Enlow, but you can, and should, attend practice.
What do I need to bring to the first practice?
  • Come prepared to run. Requirements:
    • Appropriate running clothing and running shoes. If you have questions about this, please email Coach Coker at
    • A water bottle (with name on it)
    • A wristwatch (phone doesn't count). Does not have to be fancy or GPS--any cheap watch that (1) tells the time and (2) has a stopwatch feature. There are many cheap options out there (see Target, Walmart, or Amazon)
  • If you've been training over the summer, please bring your running log
My assigned class prep/picture day or time conflicts with practice. What should I do?
  • Don't worry about it. You can get your picture taken, get your schedule, etc. AT ANY TIME during the week. The only situation in which the published schedule really matters is if you need to meet with your counselor. If this is the case for you, please let Coach Coker know on the first day of practice (8:00 AM on Monday the 20th) or sooner.
How do I make sure I've got the updated schedule for the first two weeks of practice?
  • See our detailed plan for the first two weeks of practice and note the specific times. All practices, except Saturday practices, are required.
Go Rams!